Friday, February 8, 2013


Good morning world!

Darren did well overnight (and I got a bit of sleep too). He did end up with a fever - but it was brought down and is fine now.

They started some nutrition - good to hear for my sweet noodle and p,b,and j loving boy :)

Today the plan is to CLOSE HIS CHEST - woo hoo! 

Assuming he continues to do well that will be done around 4pm.

Darren is on A LOT of medication - the plan is to lower some of those a bit today if he tolerates it.

THANK YOU for ALL your prayers!

Darren is doing as well or better then expected - YAY GOD!

The kids came and visited yesterday - only Madeline visited Darren. The hospital has a GREAT playroom for kids. The kids also participated in a sibling program where they got dolls and put all sorts of tubes and stickers on the dolls. It is sooo nice to see the kids!!

Rhiana (pictured) and Cierrah set up a hospital for their dolls :)

Specific PRAYER Request: The nurse just mentioned that Darren's temperature is climbing a bit...she is cooling the room and will start the cooling blanket if necessary.

Did I mention that Darren has his own nurse? They are *constantly* working - almost never sit down. Only the best for our sweet boy :)

Blessings, Sandy


  1. I have been checking all morning for an update!! So good to hear he is doing well - and you too! Will keep praying and specifically for his temperature to go back to normal!!

  2. Great to hear Darren is doing so well. We'll continue praying for a fever free kiddo, that he is well enough to have his chest closed and that he does well being weened from his meds. We were looking at earilier posts on your blog and Chris remembers Darren. He got really excited when he saw his pictures.

  3. Fantastic news!! So glad to read that Darren is doing so well:) He'll be home before we all know it. Will pray for the fever to come down!! PRAISE the LORD!