Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday (day 10)

Darren slept GREAT again!!! I am soooo thankful for that!!!

Darren doesn't drink a they are always wanting him to drink more. Last night as a precaution against dehydration (based on his ins and outs) they wanted to give him an IV of fluid....and his last IV port failed. THANKFULLY they decided not to put another port (I think that it what it is was late!) in last night. I am not sure what today will bring.

Darren's O2 saturation is always a little lower at night. It was that way again last night so they turned his O2 up.

Darren is still sleeping...I expect another active day chasing him around with his O2 tank. I am not complaining as I love having my silly, active little guy back :)

That Darren would drink A LOT and not need a new IV port
That Darren's O2 saturation would be above 90

Thanks my friends for ALL your prayers and support!

Blessings, Sandy

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