Thursday, February 7, 2013


With Darren sedated 24/7 - since his chest is still open - I was able to get a room (Ronald McDonald) just down the hall to sleep. They took my cell # and room phone # and said they would call if ANYTHING came up. I can have the room for two nights.

Darren is currently positioned in a bay type room with 8 other patients. There is a recliner for me to sleep on and quite a bit of noise and lights. It was hard to leave him for the night - but I was assured he would just be sleeping AND my hard work will come in a few days when Darren is awake so I need to rest up :)

When I arrived a few minutes after 7am it was HARD to see my baby boy again. He had a little bit of a fever over night so they had taken his gown off. His open chest (with a clear patch on it) just SCREAMS to me how sick my baby really is :(

The nurse reported that besides the fever (which is now gone) he had a good night. Darren continued to fight sedation when anything was done - even taking his temp. under his arm! 

At one point Darren opened his eyes and mouthed "mama"....oh my heart - I couldn't stop the tears from flowing....

They have increased the sedation again - such a balance as that causes his blood pressure to go down - which causes other things that need to go up and go down...

They are VERY pleased at how well he is doing. They did remind that Darren is still VERY sick.


(Child Life gave him the blanket and stuffed dog. Hearts of Hope gave him the pillow for all his nurses and doctors to sign. Look at ALL Darren's hair!)

Thank you for continuing to pray for my sweet baby and our family, Sandy


  1. From seeing where the doors are etc in this photo, I am pretty sure you are all in the same bed where Elisyn once was. (Well not the same bed but the same spot). Love that he is being spoiled with love and I am sure it will bring much comfort to him when he wakes up. Praying for you all Sandy . . get lots of rest. H <3 P E

  2. Praying, praying, praying!!! And hugs to you my friend!

  3. So thankful you were able to get some rest and that Darren is doing well. Continuing to pray!

  4. Thanking God for stability:) And praying for you to stay well rested. He's going to need you when he's up and around!!! Prayers and hugs:)

  5. We'll keep praying for him and you and your family. I love his now thick hair. I was looking back at my pics of the boys with their freshly shaven heads in China. I think Chris may actually need a haircut soon.