Monday, February 11, 2013


Our first snuggle!
(I am afraid that I enjoyed it more then was quite an ordeal to get all those tubes and wires adjusted to be out of bed...and unfortunately quite an "ouch" too)

Darren spent the day yesterday awake for 15 minutes...sleeping for 2 minutes...awake for 10 minutes...asleep for 5 minutes...and on and on. THANKFULLY he was comfortable most of the time. Then Darren spent all evening awake!! He discovered the movie "Cars" that stars his best toy Lightning McQueen! At home on Netflix we watch "Maters Greatest Hits" that stars Jason's toy Mater - so Darren was VERY excited his guy got LOTS of screen time :)

We are now settled in our new exciting bonus - an attached bathroom with a shower! I am hoping to use it later when Erik visits :)


Oh yes I did....most the night RIGHT NEXT to my baby boy! Not only am I allowed to SIT in his bed with him...I can sleep with him too! Oh - my mama heart is SO happy and full this morning! What a blessing for Darren and I :)

We haven't heard "the plan" for today yet - so I may post again later.

One of the key things to getting us home is for Darren's chest tubes to be removed (he has three). They need to stop draining so much for that to happen.

*Darren's chest tubes to stop draining so much
*Pain management (they are changing meds up a bit - hopefully he can still be comfortable)
*The kids at home (We miss each other terribly - thankfully they have visited me almost everyday, but it's not just the same)

THANK YOU for lifting our family up in prayers!!

Blessings from my spot on the bed next to my sweet baby boy, Sandy

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  1. Continuing to pray for you and your little man. God is so good!! LOVE the updates and seeing him doing so well!! Lord, let those chest tubes come out!! Love you!!!