Friday, February 15, 2013

Off O2

Darren has been off O2 since around 10am. They want to see how Darren will do on room air again. They just checked and so far so GOOD!! 

Darren is at 91saturation!!! WOO HOO!!!


 While off O2 I took him to the Go Blue Playroom. Darren LOVED it and wore himself right out.

Our floor has the neatest kids phones. There are two phone booths near each other. When one phone is picked up - the other phone rings...and then you can actually talk to each other. We have had more laughs and fun with those phones :)
(Another day of smiles - does this mama's heart good!)

Update: At our 4:30pm O2 saturation check Darren was down to 80...he cried when the hooked the O2 back up...which made mama cry too :(

Blessings, Sandy

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