Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our evening

Darren holding a heart in celebration of Congenital Heart Disease week

We went on another walk and look what we found! Darren LOVED riding in the car and we went around and around and around the floor :)

*Walking (with support) to the bathroom and back
*Using the toilet
*Eating a few bites of cereal and a bit of apple
*A smirk (not quite a smile...but getting there)

We had a GREAT evening! I am feeling soooo blessed!

AND AND AND....they say tomorrow Darren gets his THREE chest tubes OUT!!

Excited about being one step closer to home AND praising God for ALL the blessings!! Sandy

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  1. Sandy, this post fills my heart! Darren is doing so great and accomplishing so many new things everyday!! I love it!! YES, you will be home in no time! Praising the Lord with you for a healing baby!!!