Wednesday, February 13, 2013

PM update

We had a GREAT evening!

Now that Darren is FREE of his chest tubes I can actually CARRY him !
I am LOVING the chance to snuggle my little boy in my arms.

Looky, looky who wanted his favorite NOODLES for dinner?!

Look who is PLAYING in the playroom! 
(Darren tires easily...and is unsteady when walking...BUT tons of progress!)

Silly boy in the playroom...even tried to smile for his picture :)
(Notice "his" car parked in the background)

Blessings, Sandy


  1. Praising the Lord with you! Darren is doing incredible!

  2. So happy his surgery went well! Hope the rest of his recovery goes well and that you are home soon!

  3. He looks wonderful. Our church does a technology free day once a week for lent and yesterday was the day. I was thinking about him and praying for him a lot yesterday. I am so happy to see that he had a great day. We are praying for a continued quick recovery.