Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Post Surgery Check Up

Today we headed back to U of M for a post surgery check up. 

When I mentioned to Darren that we were going to get a picture of his chest today, the first thing he said was "NO SQUIRREL!"

This little guy is a SMART ONE!

In the x-ray rooms they have pictures on the ceiling. They are turtles or sting rays...but Darren is convinced they are squirrels and he is scared of them. (I am convinced they must have weird looking squirrels in China - hee hee!)

Darren's O2 saturation was 94!

Everything looked and sounded GREAT!

Darren still has a tiny bit of fluid in his right lung. It is a small enough amount that they are not worried about it AND even reduced him down to ONE MEDICATION!

That is RIGHT - ONLY two doses of one MED. a DAY!!
(If you don't count Miralax taken once daily or Motrin as needed)

 Enjoying a favorite ball exhibit in the radiology waiting room.

AND of course we had to make a pit stop to look for "bussies" out our favorite bus finding window :)

EVERY morning I wake up and look at Darren and think to myself 

 (How can your heart be SO broken? How can you require such a HUGE surgery? How can you be SO sick after surgery? How can you be SO healthy now?....ONLY GOD!!!)

Darren is a walking, breathing, living MIRACLE OF GOD! 

and I think...what if Darren was still living in an orphanage with a broken heart and waiting for a family? What if we had said "no" to him? What if we had let all our doubts and fears make our adoption decisions? The thoughts literally makes me feel sick :(

Darren is such a sweet, silly, wonderful, brave, courageous little boy
...and I am privileged to be HIS MAMA!

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. God is Good. So happy to read that Darren is doing so well. May God continue to bless your family.