Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday PM update

Darren and I have had a good day.

Jamma came to visit to give us lots of love and support. 
Gramps brought Darren's favorite McDonald's french fries. 
 Erik and the kids came to play and have dinner. 
(Darren - with some chest pain - and his favorite Madeline)

Darren continues to receive diuretics and O2. They decided to give him nutrition/fluids as well since he is still not eating/drinking much.

The plan is to do a chest x-ray in the morning. If there has been no change or some improvement we will continue with the same regiment.  If Darren's lung has gotten worse they will need to drain it.

PLEASE pray with us that God will heal Darren's lung - thank you!
WHAT?! You mean not everyone carries their cars around in a CLEAN urinal?!
Blessings, Sandy (who hopes bed time is NOT as eventful tonight!!!)


  1. Prayers are coming your way, Sandy! Poor Darren:( Breaks my heart to hear that he's so miserable. Thank goodness he has the love of Mama with him!! Big hugs to both of you!!!

  2. Praying with you that things are improved tomorrow...or at least status quo so they won't need to do anything drainage wise for Darren's lungs.

    And mmm...McDonald's fries. Thanks for saying I'm craving those at 10 pm! Ha ha ;-)

    Love the caveat of the cars being in a CLEAN urinal! Ha!

    Praying, praying!