Saturday, February 9, 2013


Darren had a good night!
 (and mama might be my last good night of sleep for a while!)

No fever!

Some meds weaned...others half of what they were yesterday!
 (Notice the blank screens of the weaned meds. AND the beautiful view out the window of the sun coming up!)

When he coughs he breaths above the vent!

The plan for today is to sprint on the vent (turn the vent down and let him breath on his own). They will do that for an hour and then check his blood gas levels to determine if the vent can come out.

And...if the vent comes out - Darren should WAKE UP!

I am excited since that will be progress, a step in the right direction...but also worried I won't be able to comfort my sweet baby. 

Could you pray for us? That I would be able to comfort Darren and that he won't have a rough few days?

Apparently he can hear me now when he is moving, coughing, the last time they suctioned his vent I talked to him...and he didn't fight :)

Our hospital window view...beautiful huh?!

Blessings from the hospital, Sandy


  1. Wonderful news!!! So thankful he is on the mend - and pink!!!! Still praying, praying, praying!!!

  2. Praying for you to be able to provide comfort to Darren and for his peace. God is able!

  3. The blank screens are a wonderful sight. It is great to hear how well he is doing. We'll continue praying.

  4. Can I say thank you so much for keeping us updated, I love I know I can come right here and check on your. Sweet prince! Major prayers today!