Saturday, February 16, 2013


Sweet baby boy - taking a nap already after a looooong night :(

We are still waiting for the doctors to round...but the plan seems to be to give the diuretics a day to do their work. Hopefully they will remove the fluid from Darren's lung. If not then we will look into "tapping" his lung. The NP didn't seem to think a tube would have to be left in place. 

Before Darren's chest tubes were removed on Wednesday he had been taking diuretics three times a day. After the tubes were removed they decreased it to once a day. The NP said he must have then started retaining fluid in his right lung.

Darren cried when we got him out of bed this morning. He was not happy to take his O2 and IV with him. It breaks a mama's heart to see her baby suffer - I have been just a flood of tears since last night :(

Darren HATES taking his meds. He is keeping them down, but cries every time he has to take meds :(

I am thankful we were still in the hospital and not home when our first complication (besides throwing up his meds.) arose
I am thankful we haven't had other complications
I am thankful for family and friends who are praying for Darren and our family

Blessings, Sandy


  1. A friend posted your story and I've been following Darren's progress and praying for his healing. Mott is such a wonderful hospital. We were there for 15 days with our daughter 2 years ago. I know how hard it is to see your baby suffering and I had many days and nights of tears too. Just wanted to let you know our family is praying for your family. God Bless you!

  2. Sandy, thanks for letting us know how to pray for your sweet boy.