Friday, February 8, 2013


It is hard to be at the hospital and away from my other sweet six kiddos. THANKFULLY my mom and Erik do a GREAT job of keeping them healthy, happy, and schooled.

U of M hospital is AWESOME in many, many ways - but tonight I am thinking about their sibling programs!

Yesterday the kids participated in the hands on medical program.

Yesterday and today the kids played in one of the BEST play rooms I have EVER seen!

And then tonight we got to watch the weekly movie (Tangled) and enjoy popcorn on a big screen.

Soon my boy will be awake and it will be harder to leave his bedside for time with the kids, but for this week I feel blessed by the sibling friendly U of M programs :)

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. I had no idea you were at U of M for his surgery! How on earth did I miss that! We're a few hours to the West....