Thursday, February 14, 2013


Darren is doing SO WELL today - that I haven't had a moment of down time to post!!

Darren  had a chest xray, had his arterial line removed (lots of tears), and a visit from the PT.

He is doing AWESOME!!!

AND Darren is SMILING again :)

Darren started out the day walking with help....and NOW he is RUNNING!!

He is still on oxygen....THAT is the ONLY thing keeping us here!
(At the moment they are having him try it on his own....)

God has HEALED our son!! I am so THANKFUL!!

Apparently mama is TOO slow following him around with his O2 Darren is taking matters into his own hands :)

Please pray his O2 levels remain high without extra help....AND then we can head home tomorrow!

Forever GRATEFUL to God for healing my son, Sandy


  1. He is such a beautiful little boy, I have a strong feeling that he will accomplish something great when he grows up--wish I'd be still around to wittness it when that happens. Thanks for giving him a home & opening doors to a promising future for this once "heart-broken" little boy.