Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday PM

Darren had a GREAT day!

He is still not eating and drinking much...but now that he has an IV back in they can give him a few extra fluids.

Darren started out the day getting 2 liters (I think that is how it is measured) of O2...they have reduced it through out the day. Now he is getting 1/2 liter and doing fine. They did try him off O2 for a short time this afternoon. His saturation was 82...which was better then yesterday.

They will re-xray Darren on Tuesday to see how his lung is doing.

Erik and the kids have been up to the hospital almost everyday. It is sooo nice to see their sweet faces, get lots of hugs, and just be together. About half the time I get teary eyed/cry after they leave...good byes are hard :(

Darren does NOT like having an IV/O2 cart that follows him everywhere. He will tell anyone that will listen that is it "somebody else's"....:)

Darren also does NOT like when the monitor or IV's start to beep...he will frequently say they are "too loud!"

I am SO thankful our little guy is doing well. Darren is smiling, laughing, playing with his beloved cars/trucks, active and running around - the nurses all adore him :)

Blessings, Sandy

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