Sunday, February 10, 2013


Darren's new room
(It is big...but not quite a HUGE as the picture makes it look)

Darren had a good night. I did sleep in his room as I was worried my sweet boy would be waking more.

*He is off all blood pressure medication
*He is down to .5 liters of O2 in his cannula (They tried to take it out AND he has taken it out a few times - but his saturation levels drop too low - so he keeps it for now)
*He has eaten 2/3 of a popsicle, 2 T. of jello, and 4 t. of water
*He is saying "ouch" :(

He is waking up more...our nurse last night was very good about giving him pain medication. I hope our day nurse does the same. 
Right now my sweet Darren is dosing off and on watching the movie "Cars"....and holding his Lightning McQueen :)

PLEASE continue to pray that I can comfort Darren as he is awake more and feeling pain and the pain of all the tubes etc.

Blessings, Sandy



  1. Awesome!!! So thankful his recovery is going well. Will keep praying! :-)

  2. I know he will comfort Darren. Just keep pouring on the LOVE