Sunday, February 17, 2013


Darren's door

 Darren's room

A window washer came by!!
*The heart balloons were given to us by Hearts of Hope of Michigan - amazing how small gifts really lift our spirits. 
*We have a mini-fridge
*Of course Darren's car to get around :)
*Our cutie in the hospital bed
*Yes - that is actually sunshine coming through the window! Amazing huh?!
*There is a window sit that makes into a bed...although Darren prefers mama snuggled close to him
*We used green mat on the floor to play on - when Darren was relearning how to use his arms and legs
*A bathroom with a SHOWER in the corner! 
*A large screen tv to watch "Cars" :)
*A recliner for our "guests"
Darren slept GREAT again last night. I was so tired from lack of sleep the night before that I slept well enough to dream!
I woke up this morning to learn they didn't give Darren all his night pain control he is in some pain. I did just give him motrin so hopefully that will help soon. I dislike that I have to be so on top of that - I have asked them to mark in his chart to ALWAYS give them :(
Darren is NPO until his 9:45am chest x-ray and they determine if his lung will need to be drained today. I think he is used to being hungry/thirsty in the orphanage and doesn't seem to mind NPO much :(

THANK YOU for your continued prayers for Darren and specifically his right lung!!

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. NPO!!! What a horrible thing to be used to. You are so brave through all this.