Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday mid-day

Darren's right lung looks GREAT!!!

He is still on "room air" and holding his own!

I ordered pizza through room service AND Jamma brought chicken nuggets from Darren's beloved McDonalds - he is EATING a bit of each - YAY!! 

The hospital brought us some PediaSure AND two vouchers for food in the cafeteria. 

Update: Darren just laid down for a nap...and his O2 saturation dropped - he is back on an 1/8 of O2. Hopefully he only needs it right now while sleeping.

Darren ended up eating a small slice of pizza (no crust) and one chicken nugget. Throughout the morning he almost drank his whole cup of milk. That is better then breakfast where he only ate two bites of noodles.

Darren has been better about taking his oral meds. He still gags a bit, but hasn't been crying as much AND hasn't thrown up.

THANK YOU sweet friends for all your support and encouragement today regarding getting Darren to eat.

PRAISING GOD for Darren's health!!


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  1. Fantastic news!! So glad that Darren is eating!! Phew:)

    Will keep praying. Glad to hear his right lung is improving, too:)