Tuesday, February 12, 2013


We had another uneventful night - thank goodness!

Darren does get woken every couple of hours to take meds. or other supplements orally - but PRAISE GOD he goes right back to sleep!

I needed a good night as our evening ended with me in tears - exhausted and overwhelmed.

Last evening:
*They have switched Darren over to mostly oral meds (he only usually has one or two IVs running!), and that worked fine at first...but now he is gagging and three times yesterday threw up.
*Darren wanted another wheelchair ride - what an exhausting experience...because he has tubes/lines:
two IVs hooked to their pumping boxes
three chest tubes hooked to their drainage boxes
O2 - so we bring a tank
and we temporarily unhook his heart rhythm monitor
and unhook his blood O2 saturation monitor

Darren is dead weight as his legs are still quite weak. Getting him into the wheelchair without tangling/removing any tubes/lines is challenging...and then he threw up on the walk :(

*Now that Darren is awake he doesn't want to use his diaper...but he not all that excited about the urinal bottle thingy. He is also starting to have the urge to go #2...so two trips to the potty - dealing with all the above tubes/lines and he still didn't go :( Thankfully he did finally pee in the bottle.

*And then the nurse noticed the IV on his foot had fallen off...he really hasn't been that active yet so Darren is hardly to blame...but he is becoming more active - I was previously scared about him pulling out a line or tube and now I am terrified...and that is when the tears started...

BUT - today is a new day...the kids are coming to visit and we are one day closer to home

Sandy - who is thankful that mercies are new every morning

UPDATE after rounds:
Darren's chest tubes are draining much less - assuming that continues today (and might increase as he becomes more active) then they can COME OUT tomorrow!

They want Darren to increase his liquids

They gave him some anti-nausea meds after Darren threw up his morning meds.


  1. Hugs and prayers for you! Sounds like you survived a very challenging day yesterday, so today can only get better!!! So good to read that he is on the road to complete healing - I bet all those tubes and lines will be gone before you know it!

  2. What an exhausting day you had. Sometimes a good cry is needed. We're praying for God to give you strength and peace. We're also praying for Darren that he gets used to his medications, leaves the tubes and lines alone and that they come out soon.

  3. You poor baby. Good thoughts and white lights to you 24/7. Kiss all for me.