Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Darren had YET another good night :)

I was even able to lay the bed FLAT and have Darren use ONE pillow without having his O2 saturation go down! Ahhh - mama sooo prefers a FLAT bed :)

Currently they have him off O2...and he is doing GREAT! For most of the night it was only an 1/8....so we are CLOSE...so VERY close to being O2 free :)

We will have a blood draw soon (a poke - poor boy) and a chest x-ray to check his lung.

Darren is not eating/drinking enough. We have today to try and change that or they want to put a feeding tube in his nose tonight :(

It makes me sad...

I guess I partly feel responsible...as part of my current "job" is to get him to eat...and I can't get him to eat much.. It's not for a lack of trying...but I think if only I could be more ---something--- he would eat.

THANK YOU for praying for our sweet boy!

Darren's lung CLEAR of fluid!
Darren to eat/drink more!

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. I hope you can get him to eat!!! Maybe some McDonanld's french fries and chicken nuggets with bbq sauce? Will keep praying!!