Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday PM

I am feeling hopeful that we are going home tomorrow!

I am PRAYING Darren's chest x-ray looks good.

I am not worried about his appetite - since Darren ate SO WELL today!

Darren spent ALL day on room O2 - PRAISE GOD!!

THREE MONTHS ago yesterday was GOTCHA DAY

TWO WEEKS ago today I sat waiting with my sweet boy - just before they took him back for surgery - tears welling up in my eyes for the difficult journey ahead of him.

I have grown so much in the past two weeks - it almost feels like Darren and I have been at the hospital for a year so much has happened. 

I have learned that Darren is one of the bravest, toughest, sweetest little boys I have EVER met!

My love for Darren has grown deeper then I ever imagined possible.

I have learned how much God LOVES and CARES for my family.

I have learned to reach out to friends and family in those darkest hours.

I have learned how giving and self-less my kids at home can be to a brother they have only recently met.

I have felt the love of a spouse who is holding it all together at home and at work for our family.

I have felt the unconditional love and support and the willing to give it all - of my mom who schooled, fed, and transported my at home kids AND then visited me/supported me at the hospital.

I am forever grateful to EVERYONE who helped us through this AWESOME/life changing journey to bring our son home AND have his heart fixed - xoxo, Sandy

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