Friday, December 27, 2013

Well....who knew?! I am posting again!

I didn't have any intentions to blog again, but as our journey is taking another turn I want to get down the events and my thoughts so they are not lost in my bad memory :O

In October Darren had his six month post surgery check up.

He looked FABULOUS at home - pink, running, jumping, playing, growing! We naively thought the doctors would come to the same conclusion.

Darren had an echo

 an EKG

and lots of listening to his heart etc....

Then the doctors said they wanted to look further into the narrowing of his left pulmonary artery. 

We knew the narrowing was there, but during his OHS Dr. Bove chose not to do anything about it thinking that the flow was adequate. 

Dr. LaPage our cardiologist wanted to be sure that the decreased blood flow wasn't negatively affecting Darren's left lung. 

They scheduled an MRI for December 20 - under general anesthesia.

When Darren woke up he was NOT happy :(

He wanted to go home (oh that sweet boy says DOZENS of times a day how GLAD he is to be home! AND he as often tells me "mama...I missed you in China" - oh be still my heart!), he wanted the IV OUT, and he wanted to snuggle with mama (you bet ya I jumped RIGHT into the hospital bed!).

 Poor sweet boy was nauseous and threw up many times :(

In post op a cardiologist talked to us about what they saw (actually talked to my hubby since I was trying to console Darren and couldn't hear the doc above the crying). He said there is definitely greatly reduced flow to the left lung - although at the moment the lung seemed to be doing fine. He also mentioned that the narrowing is in a tricky spot and also the narrowing is only a small section of the artery. Apparently the location and size make the fix complex and he wasn't sure what our cardiologist would recommend.

 Monday morning I received a call from the scheduler. "Just calling to schedule Darren's cath" WHAT?! cath. is what the doctor has decided to do?

Later I talked with the nurse practitioner. She said our cardiologist discussed Darren's case with the cath. doctor and the cath. doctor feels confident that she can place an stent in the narrowing.

Darren now has an appt. in the cath. lab for February 4....almost ONE YEAR to the day of his open heart surgery!

We are scared for our sweet baby boy - a cath, a stent, general anesthesia, and an overnight stay in the hospital. 


I have been trying to tell myself over the last couple of days....this is not a sprint. Darren's heart will need many tests and procedures over the years....this is a journey AND I wouldn't choose not to walk with our sweet, silly, loving, demanding boy through it!

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. Glad to see you blogging again and praying for Darren all the time (and you!!) <3