Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Our Year in Review

January - Darren celebrated his first birthday at home. He turned FOUR!

February - Darren had his Open Heart Surgery and spent 16 days in the hospital recovering. He can now run, jump, play, and eat - without getting out of breath AND all while pink!

 March - After 16 days in the hospital we were adjusting to life back at home. Darren's immune system was recovering after so much time spent on the heart/lung bypass machine during his heart surgery so we stayed close to home. Daily medications were the norm. for a while.

 April - Darren discovered the JOY of playing outside. And he LOVES it!

May - We met up with Darren's orphanage buddy Simon. What a HUGE gift to the boys and our families that we only live 2 1/2 hour from each other. 

 June - Darren joined us for our annual farm field trip. He LOVED riding the horse!

July - We spent the month of July in Charlevoix. We got to introduce Darren to the beach, walks downtown for ice cream, and his FAVORITE the pool!

 August - We spent MANY evenings playing at the park. Darren loves the outdoors AND we love that he now has endless energy :)

 September - We traveled and Darren got to MEET the pilot AND sit in his seat (and wear his hat!)

 October - Darren's first Halloween! He dressed up as Lightning McQueen AND loved getting candy!

 November - We celebrated Darren's Gotcha Day! How is it possible that Darren has been home ONE YEAR already?! How is it possible that he hasn't ALWAYS been home?! We are so incredibly BLESSED to call Darren our son!

December -  Last year Christmas was celebrated within a month of Darren's arrival home. Everything was so new that Darren seems not to remember it. We had a wonderful time this year - celebrating Jesus birth, decorating cookies, making gingerbread houses and exchanging gifts.

Blessings, Sandy

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