Wednesday, February 5, 2014

8am update

Darren is doing FABULOUS!

He is a bit teary....wanting to go home :(

He asked this morning "Do I still have a family?"....awww sweet boy - YES!!

We got about six hours of interrupted do they check for vitals OFTEN!

PRAISING GOD Darren is doing so well!

He is eating breakfast and not throwing up so that is AWESOME!
(Of course someone from anesthesia just came in and said "oh - yes, we could have given him lots of other meds. for nausea last night." And the TWO doctors who came in last night said nothing more could be given....)

We are waiting for a chest x-ray.....AND for the play room to open!

 Darren is hoping to be rid of his heart monitor wires and his IV ASAP!!

*One VERY funny story from yesterday....Darren asked EVERYONE he met yesterday their age! His first comment to them "How old you is?" hee hee! AND only one person told him!! The rest evaded the question which was REALLY quite funny!!*

Blessings, Sandy

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