Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Meeting Little Caboose

This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago - when Little Caboose STILL had HAIR!

Little Caboose is on the left. His classmate who was adopted by the family (FROM OUR CHURCH!) last week is on the right!

You might remember this family offered to bring a gift to Little Caboose, but because of the MEAN older kids in his sleeping room we asked them to pray over him instead?

Yesterday they MET and PRAYED OVER our boy!!!

And shared with us:
"*A nurse brought him over from another building
*he said ni hao to me
*very happy boy, little dimples ....he smiles a lot
*soft spoken but he was talking
*he was very clear speaking too  (A HUGE answer to prayer - and they didn't even know it!!!)
*honestly I saw him for maybe 5 minutes, he was very happy and and sweet. He looked good but shy
*he smiled the entire time I saw him
*giggled and bam dimples"


I can't wait until we can meet the Little Caboose ourselves!!!

Blessings, Sandy 

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