Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Videos of our little guy!

(He is in red....he had a haircut (SHAVE!) last week)

You might wonder what "lower limb issues - at this point he can only walk when holding onto something" means. These two videos should provide an explanation.

We are EXTREMELY blessed to have "met" a volunteer named Tammy at our boys' orphanage.

She has been invaluable in providing me LOTS of information about the four years of Darren's life before he joined our family. I have journaled all I have learned in his baby book. Simple questions such as - "what do they eat?" or "do they take showers or baths?" or "how do they handle haircuts" (This last one I asked before I cut his hair for the first time) or "do they wear pajamas?" or "do they celebrate birthdays". All simple questions - but information...clues into our son's beginning.

She is NOW providing us with almost WEEKLY pictures and videos of our little guy!!!


GOD STORY.....coming soon :)

Blessings, Sandy


  1. outstanding news from outstanding parents. This wee one will be so happy with his new family. I'm as excited as you are.

  2. He is an amazing little boy. So excited to see your weekly updates and see this little guy grow and bloom.