Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Waiting and an update!

Our I800a was received on April 1.

On Monday we received Erik's fingerprint appointment paper in the mail....but mine didn't come on Monday or Tuesday or today! (So I called and they are resending the paper - as you must have it for your appt.) Our appointments are scheduled for May 5.....YES!! That is 35 DAYS from receipt of our I800a! (Currently approvals have been coming in around day 35....apparently not ours!)

We are thinking of trying to walk in early for our fingerprints. For the most part it doesn't seem to speed up the approval process - but for a few families it seems to have helped, which of course gives the rest of us HOPE!

We received an update from our volunteer friend:

"I made it back to the orphanage yesterday, but I've got to tell you, I'm dying here without being able to take pictures. "Little Caboose" was in a different classroom, so I wasn't even looking for him in that room. The room was full of wild kids, and I noticed this little guy crawling past me really fast, then he stood up at the table, and it was  Little Caboose. I was so excited to see him. I walked my fingers up his back, and he is soooo ticklish. Or he was faking it. Every time I touched his back or his neck he giggled like crazy. He seems to be doing very well, even though everyone else in the room was running around playing. He was holding his own and playing too. He just had to crawl to get places. Oh, and the little girl who is not so nice to him has been moved to a different classroom."

We miss those pictures, but it sure does our hearts good to know how he is doing!

 A picture that was sent to us earlier this year of Little Caboose
(Note that the book is UPSIDE DOWN!)

THANK YOU for ALL your prayers for our sweet boy AND our family!

Blessings, Sandy

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