Friday, May 2, 2014

100 Good Wishes Quilt

In CELEBRATION of receiving our I800a approval from the USCIS today
(YES - I might have actually KISSED the envelope when I discovered it at the BOTTOM of our pile of mail!!!)

I am starting "Little Caboose's" 100 Good Wishes Quilt!!
(it is a Chinese tradition) 

We need 100 friends and family to send us a 7 inch by 7 inch square of fabric


a good wish, prayer, bible verse, or poem - along with a small sample (1-2 inches) of the fabric.
(I will put this into a scrapbook so we can identify who the square came from and read their blessing to Little Caboose)

This the quilt I made for Darren. I envision Little Caboose's quilt looking much the same.

 This is a page from Darren's Good Wishes book
(showing five good wishes)

THANKS in advance for blessing Little Caboose!!! 

For those curious....later today I will get a copy of this approval notarized, then tomorrow I will take TEN of our precious documents to be certified by the State of Michigan (3 documents came already done)....and THEN I will send ALL thirteen of our dossier documents to a courier in VA to take them to the State Department and then the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC to be authenticated. The courier will send the documents to our agency AND THEN they will be sent to CHINA!!!!!

(Please join me in praying for these documents as they travel here and there - oh the pain it would cause to have them get lost)

Blessing, Sandy

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  1. I had chills reading the path of your papers. Very exciting times. Love the quilt and book. How precious. !