Monday, May 5, 2014

A day in the life of an adopting mom:

8:20am Leave the house - I wanted to leave earlier, but with Madeline heading to dance and Jason to soccer the house is crazy and I feel guilty leaving

8:25am I turn the Christian radio station on trying to calm my  many things can go wrong with these precious documents. They are our ticket to our son!

8:50am Arrive at the Secretary of State - I drove to the nearest Super Center since they will certify my documents (Thankfully it is only 30 minutes from home - others drive hours or have to mail their documents)

8:51am Get in line. There must already be 100 people in line! It is cold (45 degrees) and drizzly. I am glad I wore my winter jacket and have gloves in my pocket.

9:20am Walk through the door. Although very busy - they are fully staffed and very organized with even "traffic directors" at the doors.

9:22am I am given #66...apparently there weren't 100 people in line - or maybe everybody just brought a friend or more likely I am just not very good at estimating :) They are already on #43!

9:30am Message a fellow adoptive mom friend that I am feeling nervous - she offers prayers and encouragement :)

9:47am My number is called for the short line - sort of an "on deck" position as I wait for a turn at the counter.
(They have started using an automated voice to call people to the different counter spots. It reminds me of the announcement voice at the airport. My stomach is already in knots worrying that my documents will be correctly certified and this airport voice doesn't help)

9:50am My turn. The worker looks young, but she seems to know what she is doing

10am She is still working on my documents. At $1 a document (I have ten) this is a bargain. (The worker tells me it costs $180 a document in CA. It cost us $10 for our one FL document)

10:05am The worker made one error. She printed a new page - removed the staple - took out the old page - added the new page - BUT was going to reuse the gold sticker (WITH STAPLE HOLES) in it. The Chinese Embassy would never accept this document as it shows the could have been tampered with. THANK GOODNESS someone warned me of this possible mistake. I would have had NO idea!

10:10am Documents certified and I head out the door

 As I head to find a place to make copies I realize I am almost on empty...

I *finally* find an exit with a gas station....but it feels SO far off the exit. I coast into the station on FUMES!!! (This just adds to the excitement of my morning!)

10:30am I arrive at Staples to make copies of all the documents. One set I will keep, the other set will go with the documents to the courier.

Don't these documents look just BEAUTIFUL with their SHINY gold stickers!!
(I might have laid them on a counter at Staples just to take this picture!)

11:15am Our precious documents (all THIRTEEN) and their copies are all packaged up and ready to be mailed!! Woo Hoo!!
(We started working on these documents early February!)

11:35am Just left Federal Express after mailing our "ticket" to Little Caboose!!

PRAISING GOD that our documents are now off to the courier!!

The courier will take them to the State Department and then the Chinese Embassy in DC to be authenticated. They will then mail the documents to our agency. Our agency will then send them onto CHINA!!
Making us DTC!!! (Dossier to China)

Blessings, Sandy

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