Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Next Step!

Our agency contacted us today and let us know we were LID yesterday!
(Log In Date = our dossier has been logged into the system in China!)

"First, your dossier will be translated, which has taken between two weeks and three months for recent families.
Second, your dossier will be reviewed which can take 3-6 weeks.
Third, your dossier will be sent to the matching department which is where they will issue the Letter Seeking Confirmation. It can take around 1-2 weeks before for your status to switches to match reviewed and then our agency will receive the Letter Seeking Confirmation for your family up to a week later. 

The next step after that is to file your next set of immigration paperwork.    
In summary, recent families waited around 4-5 months from log-in date received to Travel Notice received, and then travel around 2-3 weeks later."

One step closer to Little Caboose!!
Blessings, Sandy

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