Sunday, May 25, 2014

Official Update

We received an "official" update from the orphanage this week!

It included these CUTE pictures of Little Caboose!

 The "V" he is making with his fingers means "victory". Apparently it is a sign of being "cool" and it is found in LOTS of pictures sent from orphanages :)

The orphanage shared:
His updated measurements
 That he is receiving daily injections to promote damaged nerve recovery
 That he is slightly behind in his language development
and that
"He is a very kind, friendly, and obedient child. He does not reject a stranger. He would like to learn words from the others."

We were a bit surprised that was all they shared....

As I mentioned in my last post we received new information from Tammy about Little Caboose's medical diagnosis. The orphanage contacted Tammy and asked her to contact US! They wanted to let us know that Little Caboose had a new diagnosis....and they wanted to know if we still wanted to adopt him!


It is hard to explain how one can be SO COMMITTED to a child you have NEVER met!

For almost 6 months now we have been receiving pictures and videos of our Little Caboose from Tammy. We have spent hours upon hours PRAYING for him. We talk about him every day. We dream about having him home. We think/research/analyze how our life will different with a child with mobility issues.

His new diagnosis is Spina Bifida.

Reading the word SPINA BIFIDA was *scary*!!

We quickly reached out to other China adoptive parents of SB kids. 
We googled the heck out of that word!

We are still committed to adopting Little Caboose!

We know what the orphanage and Tammy have told us:
He has mobility issues
He doesn't have hydrocephalus 
He now wears underwear
He is a smart little kid
He is a goofy, silly little guy with GREAT dimples
He needs a family

YES - there are a TON of unknowns - but not necessarily more now than before.
Now we just have a name for his issues.

 Could you pray with us for our son?

Blessings, Sandy


  1. He is so cute! Definitely a keeper. :) I am praying for you guys.

  2. me too Sandy, me too. You two are such amazing people. Can't wait to see this addition to your family