Saturday, June 28, 2014

A *huge* blessing!

Airline tickets cost A LOT of money!

Airline tickets to the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD cost even MORE money!

This week we were BLESSED with buddy passes to China!!

They are essentially stand by tickets where you pay by the mile. I think last time - when we adopted Darren - it cost around $500-$600 dollars per round trip ticket! 

Our agency told us budget up to $1700 per round trip ticket!

We will have to try and leave a few days earlier than normal to make sure we make it to China by Gotcha Day. And we may end up in China a few extra days waiting for a flight home BUT the savings is WORTH it!

WOW - feeling so incredibly blessed!!

When we go on vacation this summer I am hoping my mom will take a picture of our family on the beach. I would like us to be holding a framed picture of Little Caboose. 

The following picture is my current favorite, but I was hoping to make the little fellow in the background less prominent. Erik tried a few different methods to blur him. I think they came out pretty neat!

Blessings, Sandy

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