Friday, June 20, 2014

Another Visit

Tammy visited Little Caboose during lunch a few days ago.

This is a hallway.
I am not exactly sure how it works on the 5th floor. When we visited the orphanage in 2012, after adopting Darren, the hallway was where the tables were placed for eating. The hallway was also where the kids spent time playing/sitting around. They didn't seem to spend time in the sleeping rooms. I am assuming the doorways on the right are the sleeping rooms.

 Full bowls of food :)

I wonder what he is saying or thinking....maybe "there is that nice lady who brought us toys!"

 Look how thin the little boy sitting next to him is :(

Of course I *HAD* to ask about the toys!

"I couldn't tell because nothing was out since they were eating. 
Next time, I'll hunt those toys down. 
 Problem is, Chinese people are so used to not having toys to play with that they don't really see the importance of having them."

I find that interesting. I thought it was an orphanage thing - not having toys...but maybe it is a cultural thing? 

THANK YOU for continuing to pray for Little Caboose!

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. So glad that she was able to visit him again and get more pictures! : )
    We had an exchange student several years ago who was from China. He was just amazed at all the toys my boys had. He said that in China they don't have many toys, a child might only have one or two very simple toys to play with.