Thursday, June 12, 2014


Children's Day was celebrated this week at our son's orphanage. 
(I don't really know the background on this - I have heard it was celebrated at other orphanages as well...not sure if this is something all children in China celebrate?)

Tammy posted LOTS of pictures of smiling kids - with LOTS of food, new toys, and full makeup applied. There were videos of dances and performances too.

Tammy hadn't messaged me so I assumed that Little Caboose was not included in the pictures...but I looked anyway. 

My mama heart just couldn't accept that our son wasn't included...

I knew it would hurt to know...but I just had to ask....

"Did they let Little Caboose out of his room to participate in Children's Day? I am assuming not..."

Tammy messaged me back:

"They didn't let Little Caboose participate in Children's Day. I had thought about him being stuck up there in that room, and was going to go get him and his roommate, but they had the room packed with no space for an extra wheelchair. Plus, I'm sure he didn't get new clothes like everyone there was wearing. The officials would not have been pleased. It was sad on so many levels. Everyone got new toys and lots of food too."

It hurts my heart to think of Little Caboose being left out, excluded...

So....we wait to hear our dossier has been approved....we wait to travel....we wait to show Little Caboose the LOVE of a FAMILY... 

and we PRAY for God to comfort our sweet boy!!!

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. Sandy, this is so hard. :( Is there a reason?? I hope the wait for LOA is short!