Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More Waiting

Our oldest son turns 18 next month
(Yes...that means I am getting old!)

It also means he will be considered an adult living in our household.

He will need local police clearances, state police clearances, an update to our home study, a supplement to our USCIS documents, and to be fingerprinted.

I am really okay with ALL of that....except THE TIME it will take!

If we follow the current trends we should get our approval from China around July 26.

BUT then we will be stuck WAITING for our oldest's paperwork to be processed.
(I knew this was coming....but here in our state nothing can be processed early - we have to wait until he turns 18....it has been like watching a train wreck coming....nothing I could do to stop it - I guess just deal with it when it comes. I was hoping his birthday would come during a waiting period so it wouldn't matter that it would take time to process....)

I am trying to rest in the fact that God knows the timing. God has it ALL under control. Maybe God knows it is better for us to travel in a certain month.

BUT this mama can't WAIT to meet her Little Caboose and show him the LOVE of a family....so we wait and wait and wait....

Our new favorite picture

Blessings, Sandy

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