Tuesday, August 5, 2014

God is into the SMALL details

As I typed in my blog address last night I was reminded that it is TRULY a journey of FAITH!

I tend not to want to burden others with my worries or prayer requests.

I figure they have enough worries of their own and probably are too busy to worry about mine too.

Yesterday I reached out to friends and family to join me in praying that God would bring our oldest's fingerprint appointment paper today.

After an email and multiple phone calls with our USCIS officer she put the paper in the mail today via our Fed. Ex. envelope.....

and then I went to the mailbox (a couple of hours after it was delivered!) and found

not ONE
but TWO

fingerprint appointment papers for our son!!

I think God was telling me LOUD AND CLEAR "I am into the small details!"

AND "you are not doing this alone....reach out to others around you as they will show you my love!"


A couple of pictures we received sometime over the last couple of months
(because blog posts are WAY more fun with pictures!)

 Blessings, Sandy

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