Monday, August 18, 2014

GUZ# and a name!

Today we headed out for a day trip....and before we EVEN left town I received an email!

It contained our GUZ# woo hoo!!

It usually takes 2-3 hours from that point until it is in the system and we can fill out our NEXT bit of paperwork....the DS260.

We made it almost all the way to our destination and stopped at a McDonald's to use their free WiFi

I frantically filled out that DS260 trying to mark every necessary box and answer ALL the many, many questions correctly.....

and then - the question came....

"Other Given Names Used: child’s new name (first and middle names)"

I called Erik on his cell phone - looked at him through the McDonald's window....smiled and told him the next question I was trying to answer.

(He was feeding the 7 kids the packed lunch we had brought along....)

We have really been STUMPED on names. 

He likes a few....I like a few....and neither the two shall meet! 

Should we name him after someone? Or a biblical name? Erik likes last names as first names. I like names without nicknames. Our last name is very crisp sounding - so we both like less crisp sounding names. We both don't want to repeat a letter we have already that cut out T, M, A, R, C, J, D, E (Erik), S (Sandy)....

We have had a few top running names and this week decided to "try" one out for a week. I guess kind of like a test run :)

Since it was currently our favorite and the test run seemed to be going pretty well...I answered that DS260 question.

WOW - what extra added pressure in naming a child huh?! I can't wait to share with Little Caboose that his name was chosen at McDonalds - hee hee!

Blessings, Sandy

oh....the name....I will share it soon :)

Now just waiting for the PDF version of our GUZ# and we will have article 5 drop off - hopefully Thursday!

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