Friday, August 22, 2014

To Honor Not Replace

We had a reallllllly hard time deciding on a name for Little Caboose!!
(Did I mention it was DIFFICULT?!)

We talked, we chatted, we researched, we talked with friends, family, the kids....

and we were still STUMPED!

I *love* the name GAVIN....6 out of 7 of the kids LOVE the name GAVIN

We EVEN picked out this FANCY license plate....

BUT - *my dad* gave us such GRIEF over the name and Erik all along wasn't a big fan of it.

Soooo back to the drawing board!

We talked about WHO we could name Little Caboose after (many of the kids have family middle names), or what biblical person we could name him after.....

AND THEN - we both felt that we wanted to

(a baby we parented for 29 days before he went back to his birth mom)

and name him Bryan!

We are NOT replacing Bryan....but HONORING Bryan! you might recall from the last post - we decided to TRY out the name "Bryan" for a week and see how it felt.

BUT a few days into our "little trial" I found myself at McDonald's filling out the DS260 form and NEEDED A NAME IMMEDIATELY!



Bryan Jinhua

along with a few new pictures from our update:

Blessings, Sandy

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