Sunday, August 3, 2014

Prayer Request + update + update2 + update3

Would you join with me and PRAY that our oldest's fingerprint appointment  paper arrives TOMORROW?! 

We need that piece of paper AND for him to be fingerprinted to keep this adoption moving forward. 

Thanks friends!!

Monday update: Called and talked with our USCIS officer - the paperwork hasn't shown up on her desk yet (can take 14-19 business days from the date it is processed from the lockbox - ours was lock box processed 7/21) we wait. 

PRAYERS for fast mail processing are appreciated!!!

Monday update2: USCIS called me! She said she doesn't see his prints in the computer system (DUH - we are waiting for the precious appt. paper!). She said that she would send out the appt. paper today (then I asked if she could use the Fed. Ex. envelope I had included - she didn't realize it was in the envelope - found it and says it will be in the mail TODAY!). PRAYING we get it early enough tomorrow that he can be printed TOMORROW - if not on Wednesday! 

Keep praying friends!!!

Monday update3: I just got back from the mailbox where NOT one - but TWO fingerprint appt. papers were waiting!!! (I have NO idea why two - they are exactly the same!!) Well - in case you were wondering - God is into the small details my friends :)
Now - we just need to get to Detroit and get those prints done!


Blessings, Sandy

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