Thursday, September 11, 2014

An Update!

We received an update from our "angel" Tammy!!
(This is a little out of order as we received this a few days BEFORE his birthday....but those birthday pictures and seeing HIS family pictures just had to be shared first!)

She had been on vacation for 4 weeks.

Apparently he was VERY excited to see her!

And didn't want to let go of her hand!


lunch? dinner?

Apparently this is his room mate. She is a little girl - although poor thing gets her head shaved too.

And then they told him that his room mate is leaving. She will be hosted in a foreign country. She is currently not being adopted - but I am assuming that will increase her chances of finding a family.
Aww - sweet boy!

AND another video - this time of him trying to walk!! He is really doing well and has improved soooo much since we last saw him trying!
Blessings, Sandy

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