Tuesday, September 16, 2014

CA, Gotcha Date, Airplane tickets, Hotel Reservations AND an Update!

We have a CONFIRMED Consulate Appointment!!

Can I get a "WOOO HOOO"?!

We have a CONFIRMED Gotcha Day of OCTOBER 13!!

(Leave October 8 - Return October 22)

We have a reserved hotel room.....

This is REALLY happening!!! Soon I will be a MOM to EIGHT kids!!!

I am sooooo BLESSED!

and we got an UPDATE from our angel Tammy:

From Tammy:
"I was greeted with squeals of excitement today. And, bless his little heart, he just wants my hand. Some of these kids are moody, and I never know what mood I will be greeted with, but not Jin Hua. He always makes me feel loved."

Something my boys would definitely do....

got a balloon? got a stick/sword/paper towel roll?

PERFECT for a game!

His room! It is more colorful than I imagined. I am curious to know which bed he sleeps in and if he shares a bed like Darren did.

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. Such amazing news!!! So excited for your family and your newest little guy!