Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Eight Days Until We Leave?!

Yesterday I posted on facebook
"NINE DAYS until we travel to China!"

 I also set up these cute little blocks for a blog post for today.

and then within a couple of hours that no longer looked so clear...

We have been BLESSED with buddy passes to China!
They are stand-by tickets that you pay per mile. To China it costs $750 for a round trip (buddy pass) ticket - as opposed to $1500-$2000!!....BUT you don't have reserved seats on the plane - you get on if there are seats available. So we leave a few days early to make sure we will get to China on time for Gotcha Day.

Our original plan was to leave Wednesday (8th) - so if we can't make our next flight from Detroit to Seattle or Seattle to Hong Kong no biggie - we have extra days.....

BUT somehow I had started to COUNT on leaving on the 8th!
(Madeline and I got on all our flights two years ago - so I guess that might have contributed to me thinking I could count on the 8th)

I have realized AGAIN that I am NOT in control!!

As I drove to our co-op this morning I prayed for God's Will to be done! HE knows when we are leaving/flying - HE has ALL the details covered!!

And really THAT IS THE WAY I WANT IT TO BE!! I don't WANT to be in control - I need to SURRENDER to God and His will for our lives AND our trip!!

Soooo.....we MIGHT leave for China in eight days....or maybe nine or maybe ten?!

Blessings, Sandy

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