Saturday, September 6, 2014

Our boy had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

We had heard from other adoptive parents that you were no longer able to send a cake to Bryan's orphanage. When I mentioned this to Tammy she said that wasn't true AND that she would be HAPPY to bring a cake to him on his birthday!!

We also decided it was THE PERFECT day for him to SEE our family (he had already been told he had a family - we are not sure when).

Last winter we had friends adopt a little girl from Bryan's orphanage. We sent along two cars, a blank album, and a gift for them to give Tammy. Tammy told us to email her pictures and she would print them out and put them in the album. The cars turned out to be a GREAT birthday gift! (Darren saw the picture and decided that he TOO needed a new Lightning McQueen!)

Apparently they gave his room-mate ONE piece of cake and Bryan Jinhua ate THE REST OF THE CAKE!!!! When Tammy expressed concern over him getting sick she was told that "foreigners have weak stomach's, but the Chinese have tough stomach's"

AND another video! I just love how happy he looks when they are singing to him!

Blessings, Sandy

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