Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Seeing HIS family!

On his BIRTHDAY Bryan Jinhua saw our family for THE FIRST time!!!

First picture - "mama and baba"!!!

  I think he LIKES the firetruck bed I found at Salvation Army for him!
(I got one for Darren on Craigslist!)

It looks like his room-mate is pretty amazed too :)

 Look at that SWEET look on Bryan Jinhua's face!!

Seeing pictures of HIS FAMILY for the first time!!!

And of course the dog-goes :)

I just CAN NOT believe that we were BLESSED so much that we got to see pictures AND video of Bryan seeing us!! How CRAZY awesome is that?! What an AMAZING gift!!!!
(We didn't even KNOW if Darren was shown the pictures we sent - and now THIS!!)

Blessings, Sandy


  1. Oh, wow!!! That is so amazing! :) What a blessing to see that and to know that he knows you are coming for him!

  2. So very sweet Sandy! Not long now! :)