Sunday, September 21, 2014

Who's Counting?!

We are starting to COUNT down the days until Rhiana and I travel

AND to the day we MEET Bryan Jinhua!!

TRAVEL - 17 days!


Our sweet Angel Tammy sent us a few more pictures!

They bring such HAPPINESS to this mama's heart!

"Jin Hua was all smiles when he greeted me at the door of this doctor's room he was in. He was in there with that other older boy that you had asked about. That boy was getting acupuncture, and Jin Hua was doing a puzzle. The puzzle was difficult, and he was just pounding pieces together to make them work. I tried to help him, but I could tell that no one had every tried to show him how to do a puzzle."

"In the middle of the puzzle, the physical therapy man (massage guy) came to get him. He walked away with his shoes on the wrong feet."

" On Friday, they had his sheets off washing them. The ayi said he sweats.

The ayi kept insisting that I go up to the roof to take a picture of Jin Hua's sheets hanging out to dry. (So that's what the picture of the building is, with only a tiny bit of sheet showing.)"   

Blessings, Sandy

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