Friday, October 17, 2014


Our first stop of the day - LiuHua Lake Park

Did I mention that weather has been in the 80's the whole time we have been here? Oh, we are going to miss these warm days and not having to wear a jacket when we get back home!

THANK YOU for praying for Rhiana!! She woke up feeling good today - definitely a testimony to the POWER of PRAYER!

This decoration was used earlier in the month for the New Moon Festival

It was just beautiful!

These parks were within walking distance of the hotel that Darren, Madeline, and I stayed at in 2012. It brought back memories of the long walks we would take.

I just LOVE the signs in China!

 This picture does not do the craziness justice. There were HUNDREDS of people dancing and exercising. All sorts of crazy music being played. There were also people singing - so poorly I could almost not keep a straight face. And also groups of people playing hacky sack and doing Tai Chi. It was great they were active - it was just very, very awkward!

Another WACAP family is now in GZ. They have a son a year older than Jin Hua Bryan!

It was fun for Jin Hua Bryan to have another little boy to play with. Levi is very talkative. He reminds me of Darren in China - very active and very talkative. He even charmed the store worker into giving him and Jin Hua Bryan a free toy today! (Just like Darren used to get free water!)

I tried my best not to stride!

There was a small amusement park section in the park.

Jin Hua Bryan had a TON of fun!!!

I think Jin Hua Bryan thought he had gone to heaven!

He was so excited AND had so much fun!

(For the record - the rides were very old and dirty....but close to the ground so hopefully not too dangerous!)

There was also a playground.


It had all sorts of interesting things for the kids to play on!

All very old, very worn, and not checked by any safety regulations!

Jin Hua Bryan is willing to try anything. He doesn't seem to know he should have limitations. I think this will serve him well!
(Although it made me awfully hot and sweaty today as I had to keep up with him and keep him from hurting himself. Did I mention it was in the 80's?)

Rhiana had a little fun too!

MY son!!

After the kids play time was over - the moms got to play!

We visited the pearl and jade markets!

Bags and boxes of pearls and beads and stones.....just amazing!

Outside the markets - LOTS of shops/stores!

We then visited the toy market and I found a few goodies to bring home to my kiddos!

I sure miss those sweet kids!

We finished off the day at Oggi's Pizzeria!

It was good, fast, inexpensive, and made my ten year old happy.

Blessings from China! Sandy

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