Monday, October 13, 2014

Gotcha Day!

Rhiana and I had a really nice morning. Two years ago before meeting Darren I spent a lot of the morning crying. I was soooo nervous and scared that I just couldn't help it. Amazingly enough I was actually quite calm this morning. I definitely felt a peace from God! 


This is the curtain that the kids and orphanage workers wait behind. They let the families know which child is coming out next and then you wait to receive your child.

Seeing our son for the first time!

Jin Hua was holding onto the assistant director's hand - took a couple of steps and then fell. The nanny then took his hand and he WALKED to us!

 I *love* our look of anticipation as we watch him walk to us!!

(A wonderful adoptive dad took ALL these pictures for us as his child hadn't arrived yet!!)

Meeting MY SON!!!

I gave Jin Hua a match box car - as that speaks MANY languages :)

*Holding* our son for our "Gotcha Day" photo!

The mom, the car, the son - LOVE!!!

One of my favorite photos from the day!!

I just LOVE the looks on ALL of our faces - Rhiana and I looking at Jin Hua and Jin Hua SMILING!

After you receive your child you sit on the couch that lines the room. The official and sometimes the nanny from your child's orphanage meets with you to pass along any information, pictures, and to say good-bye. (We figured a lolly pop would increase our chances of a happy boy!)

Jin Hua's Half the Sky nanny is in yellow. She is the one who took care of him when he was younger. Ms. Pan the orphanage director also brought Jin Hua to the Civil Affairs Office.

Ms. Pan was also happy to hear an update on Darren! She mentioned that Darren was an outgoing, talkative boy and Jin Hua was more quiet and reserved. She is right about Darren! We have found Jin Hua is quite engaging, somewhat talkative, and silly....not really reserved.

When we arrived in the hotel room Jin Hua took his shoes off and lined them up next to ours!!!
(This is HUGE - Darren wore his shoes for DAYS after we met him!!)

Jin Hua played with his new cars, ate his lolly pop, and a few other snacks I had packed in his new backpack. He spent any amazing amount of time trying to walk along the couch and a table. He seems to prefer to be upright to crawling. Jin Hua is quite unsteady and falls frequently, but it doesn't seem to upset him.

The director mentioned that she had NEVER seen Jin Hua so happy! He was very, very excited to come and meet his family :)

She also mentioned that he was motion sick during the two hour journey to the Civil Affairs Office. We shall see how that plays out - we have MANY vehicles to ride in before we land back home! (I wonder if China sells sea bands?)

Jin Hua said "Good bye" to the director and his nanny - actually twice - once in the room and then we bumped into them again as we were waiting for our van ride back to the hotel. I was holding him and he wasn't upset at all.

Once back in our hotel room Jin Hua played and seemed to settle in well. Once our paperwork was prepped for our Tuesday appointments our guide told Jin Hua the plan and started to head out. He immediately became teary and didn't want her to leave. Eventually he started to play again and she left.

About an hour after the guide left Jin Hua wanted his shoes on. He wanted to walk in the hallway - which seemed innocent enough at the time - but once he reached the end of the hallway he wanted to leave. When I wouldn't let him out the door and then carried him back to the room he cried, and cried, and cried - LOTS of heavy grieving. It was very difficult to watch. He spent an entire hour (although it felt like MUCH longer) trying to get out the door. He is amazingly strong...I had to put a chair in front of the door and sit in it so he wouldn't escape. I tried to comfort him, but he wanted none of that :(

I had been VERY surprised that he was not upset AT ALL at the Civil Affairs Office or even once we were back at the hotel. It was actually very healthy for him to grieve....just very difficult to walk through with our new son.

 Thankfully Rhiana had learned how to say "It's okay" in Chinese. I said that over and over and over again.

THANK YOU for your continued PRAYERS for Jin Hua as he transitions into his new life!!

PS - We are just up for the day (Tuesday) and so far ALL smiles! He slept GREAT last night - falling asleep between Rhiana and I (king size bed!) once I turned the lights off.

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. So thrilled for you! You have such beautiful pictures!