Saturday, October 18, 2014

Guest Post by Rhiana!

Where I am in China, is the city. It is busy, noise, and VERY stinky. There are tons of people, many beggars, shops, people trying to get you to buy their stuff, lots of taxi's, and, and, just so much, my eyes need a rest from... just all the busyness. 

Now, don't get me wrong, China is a beautiful place, right now I'm just in the city, and it's very different. If I would have lived in a city my whole life, my thoughts and views on things would be different. Like the smelliness and the busyness, and all the people, would be pretty normal for me. But... unfortunately, I didn't grow up in a big city, and this is all new to me.

 This is a picture of when we were at LiuHua Lake Park (I took this picture myself!)

How we got here. Planes and a train. Four planes, one train. Well, first we went on a plane from Detroit to Settle, and that worked fine, we were one of the last people on the plane (because we are flying on "buddy passes", you pay per mile, it's much cheaper) and everything went well. Then, our plans were to fly to Settle to Hong Kong, but the thing was that since the plane ride was SO long that they had to have more fuel, and that meant that there had to be a weight limit so some of the people with buddy passes got on, but four people (including Mom and I) didn't make it. One of those four people was Xu. She had the same flight plans as us, and she spoke Chinese so she helped us a lot. Our buddy said that there was a flight to Portland, then from Portland to Tokyo, then from Tokyo to Hong Kong, so we went to Portland that evening, and the next day we would go to Tokyo, but the flights weren't looking to good, we were number 15 and 16 (to get on) and there were only 12 or 13 seats, but the  flights from Tokyo to Hong Kong that day were looking really good: like 50 seats or something. The next day the flights from Portland to Tokyo looked good, but the flights from Tokyo to Hong Kong did not look good, and so we might have been stuck in Tokyo, which would be REALLY scary. But God had a plan, and he let us get on the the flight from Portland to Tokyo! And that's not all, but he let us on IN FIRST CLASS!!! It was all from God! And it was ALL AWESOME!!! And we made it on the flight to Hong Kong, and then took a train the next day to Guangzhou! We were so glad we had made it!        

 Our hotel is nice. In a way it is. I mean, the actual hotel is nice but, we are the only adoptive family there, and Mom thinks that Jin Hu is the only kid there. Plus, the people (and workers) there speak VERY LITTLE English, it is VERY hard to communicate to them. But, I guess we have a place to stay that is not to expensive (even with the trade fair!)

China, China, China, words cannot explain, pictures cannot capture, the wonders of China. 


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