Thursday, October 23, 2014


We made it home!

PRAISE GOD from whom ALL blessings flow!!!

We took the 3am van to Hong Kong. A half hour into the trip Bryan Jinhua got car sick and threw up. Luckily I heard him make a few noises and grabbed a bag. Most of it ended up in the bag - the rest on the outside of the bag! I felt really bad as I had been asking him if he was "okay"....but he had no way to tell me (and we were sitting in the dark!). He had been wearing sea bands, but I quickly gave him a Dramamine!

We made it to Hong Kong in TWO HOURS and without the driver falling asleep!

We checked in at the Delta counter AND they gave us SEAT ASSIGNMENTS!! AND we were sitting TOGETHER!!


PRAISING GOD for that answer to our prayers!!

 (One of the few moments the ear bud was IN his ear!)

We made it to Tokyo just fine - besides the fact that Bryan Jinhua cried when the flight attendant made him put his seat belt on. It was a sad little cry :(

We had a little over an hour in Tokyo - checked in at the gate, but no seat assignments yet. Picked up McDonalds and tried a fancy "pumpkin oreo Mcflurry" - why not?!

We got seat assignments *just* as boarding was beginning - AND our seats were together!!
We were in the VERY last row AND the flight was very full - and we were on OUR WAY HOME!!

The flight was over ELEVEN HOURS!!! No way around it THAT is a BEAST!!

I felt a bit like we were in an experiment: Give them a drink....give them a snack....turn out the lights....have them sleep....turn on the lights....give them food....turn out the lights.....have them sleep....turn on the lights....repeat - over and over again!!

Bryan Jinhua did FABULOUS!!!!

The ear buds didn't work with his ears - so he mostly watched silent movies!
 He also slept quite a bit - I have no idea how much as you lose track of time and can't figure out WHAT time it really is as you move from timezone to timezone!!

  Sooooo HAPPY to be back HOME with my FAMILY!!

Blessings from HOME! Sandy

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