Monday, October 20, 2014


Today we had our appointment at the US Consulate. The scheduling of this appointment is what our whole trip was based upon. This appointment is scheduled first, then Gotcha Day, then all the other needed appointments. 

We applied for Jin Hua Bryan's visa. They said there is a 99% chance it is ready tomorrow afternoon.

Assuming it is ready then we will leave for the airport at 3am....YES - I just wrote 3am!!

It is a 3 hour ride and we need to be at the airport at 6am to hopefully catch an 8:30am flight.
Our current plan is to fly Hong Kong to Tokyo to Detroit.

We will see if God has other plans for our travels. We feel at peace. We know we will get home soon. We have our son! All is good!

Once Jin Hua Bryan goes through immigration at the Detroit Metro. Airport he will be a US citizen!!

After our consulate appointment we spend a little time walking around looking at the sights.

We love the lions that are everywhere!

It was VERY smoggy! That is The Canton Tower in the background.

We celebrated our Consulate appointment with an ice cream cone from the corner store (similar to a drumstick ice cream cone). We think that it was Jin Hua Bryan's first ice cream cone! After the first few licks he got the hang of it!
(Notice the napkin in his hand....he doesn't like to get dirty! That's my boy!)

And if celebrating with an ice cream wasn't enough we could have bought wine from this vending machine!

I just HAD to take this picture. We rode in a different van today and Jin Hua Bryan did exactly what Darren used to do in that van - held onto the handles!

We headed back to Shamian Island for a few more gifts today. It is such a beautiful place to walk around any excuse to go there is a good one!

A Gift From China is one of my favorite stores. They donate money to orphanages and have such neat items.

We then crossed over the river to sight see....

And we found an unusual market!

Deer hoofs?




Needless to say we didn't buy anything!

Tonight for dinner we headed out in search of some authentic fried rice. Wing Ying's restaurant came highly recommended.

They had a LARGE supply of chopsticks on every table.

Besides having to change my first POOPY diaper standing NEXT to a squatty potty - with my child standing (of course!) wasn't all that memorable. I miss the fried rice we had on our last trip to China. Oh well - this trip has been fabulous in other ways!

Blessings, Sandy

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