Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Our day didn't go according to OUR plans, but we are TRUSTING that God's plans are BIGGER and BETTER (or at least drying a few tears and trying to!)

We woke up at 4:30am....left for the airport at 5:30am....arrived at the airport at 6:30am....we were the LAST buddy pass/stand-by tickets called for the flight so we got on around 8:20am. The flight took off at 8:30am....there was an empty seat next to me - so Rhiana and I sat together!

We made it from Detroit to Seattle!

Waiting to board our Detroit to Seattle flight!


 Feeling hopeful!

Our next flight left at 5:30pm (EST)....we waited and waited and waited.....and we were NEVER called :(

 The flights don't look very good leaving Seattle the next couple of days so we hopped on another flight and arrived in Portland Oregon.

Although it is only 8:26pm PST....our weary bodies feel like it is 11:26pm EST. 

We are HOPING to take a flight tomorrow to Tokyo and then another flight to Hong Kong....

I have to be honest - the flight to Tokyo isn't looking too we PRAY and try to REST and TRUST in God's plan.

This is why we left on Wednesday right? 
Sure doesn't feel very good at the end of a long day :(

Blessings, Sandy

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